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Brittany Schaffer

About me:

I am the 9th Grade Special Education Case Manager here at Douglas High School. This is my first year at DHS, and my third year to be teaching in the Marshall County School system and I am so proud to be here! I have lived in Marshall County my entire life. I graduated from Asbury High School in 2009 and then went to Snead State Community College for two years and got my basics. I then transferred to The University of Alabama in Birmingham where I received a BS in Exercise Science (2014) and later an MS in K-12 Special Education Collaborative Teaching (2019). I have been married for four years and do not have children yet, but I do have an 8 year old Pitt/American mix who thinks he is our child. I love to read and enjoy anything to do with being outside. I coach Indoor and Outdoor track and have previously coached basketball. I strive to help all students succeed not only in school, but also in life.

 Please contact me at the school if you have any questions or need me for any reason:
phone number: 256-593-2810   ext. 44214
OR you can go to the "Contact Me" page and shoot me a message.

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1st period- English 9 Inclusion with Mrs. Beasley
2nd period: Algebra 1 A Inclusion with Mr. Lawrence
3rd period: English 9 Inclusion with Mrs. Beasley
4th period: Algebra 1 A Inclusion with Mr. Lawrence
5th period: Transition class
6th period: Planning
7th period: Algebra 1 B Inclusion with Mr. Lawrence

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