DHS Day WithOut Hate

DHS Day Without Hate April 28th
If interested in supporting our effort please e-mail Becky Walker at walkerbk@marshallk12.org


Official T-Shirt Order Forms


Day Without Hate is a student-led, grassroots organization that promotes nonviolence, respect, and unity within our schools. DWOH is the last Friday of April. Help your child join his/her fellow students to help end school violence and promote peace. By encouraging students to be tolerant, friendly and kind, and teaching them that there are non-violent solutions to problems, hopefully as a community we can create a better world.


All proceeds from the T-shirts go directly to fund our Peace Scholarships and Grants and expenses for our rally. Over the years, Day Without Hate has awarded over $50,000 in scholarships and grants to students and schools promoting peace in their communities.


Please make your check payable to your school and return your order form by March 13. Schools place orders in bulk for shirts. Sorry, individual order for shirts are not accepted. Your child will receive his/her shirt by the Wednesday before DWOH.


Youth T-shirt ($5.00 each): S (6-8) ______ M (10-12) ______ L (14-16) ______


Adult T-shirt ($5.00 each): S _____ M _____ L _____ XL ____ 2XL_____ 3XL _____4XL ____


TOTAL shirts ordered: __________


Student’s Name: ________________________ Grade: _______


Teacher’s Name: ________________________